How to Market Your Online Training

We know you’re already designing amazing e-Learning courses with Lectora® e-Learning software. But are those courses getting the attention they deserve? Sometimes it’s up to you to market your course and generate the support and participation your project deserves. Implementing successful marketing strategies for your e-Learning can cement your role as a valued business partner.

Let’s talk about the “4 Ps” of marketing: product, pricing, place and promotion.


If you want your marketing to be successful, you need a good product to start with. Essentially, your “product” is your training session and the promised learning that will result. To market your product:

  • Clearly identify who will benefit and why.
  • Show how it solves a real-life problem.

If you are selling your course to company stakeholders, you could emphasize the money-saving advantages of online training versus instructor-led training. If you are trying to convince individual employees to take your course, try focusing on the skill or certification gained through your course. You could also consider creating a promotional benefit, such as raffling off a free iPad to a participant.


Whether your participants are paying out of pocket for this course or taking it as part of their company provided training, they’re still giving up their time to take your course. The perceived value of the course needs to be greater than leaners’ perceived value of their time. It’s important that you build a value proposition for your course whether it is free or paid.


When it comes to place, you automatically have an advantage with online training. Your target audience can take your training wherever they want, eliminating your need to convince them to travel out of their way to take your course. This is a great benefit for you to promote.


Promotion is the process of creating awareness, building desire and inspiring action. You need to communicate—in a compelling way—the value of that snazzy-looking e-Learning course you created with Lectora. This includes the topics we discussed above, as well as your actual promotion strategy:

Know your audience and choose the right incentive.

Offering a discount on the registration fee benefits the company, but probably doesn’t get individual users excited about taking your course. Obviously, you need to convince the company to use your course, but that won’t do you any good if learners aren’t engaged in the training.

Promote both proactively and passively.

Send your existing clients helpful, informative emails periodically about new courses and special offers. You could also include a link in your email signature, leave a plug on your voicemail message or insert flyers for upcoming courses when you mail out invoices.

With a well-thought out marketing plan, you can generate increased interest in your courses and gain new clients for your amazing e-Learning services!

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