LUC Recap: Branching Scenarios and Gamification


At the 2016 Lectora® User Conference, Sergey Snegirev, CEO of BranchTrack, presented on branching scenarios and gamification. BranchTrack was also a Premium Sponsor & Exhibitor at LUC 2016 and is an eLearning tool for creating scenarios that can easily be embedded into your Lectora courses.

Sergey began his presentation by explaining the advantage of using a branching scenario for eLearning instead of a linear course.

The classic eLearning course is linear, so users have no choice. A branching scenario combines challenge, choice, and consequence—and must have these three aspects to be a true scenario.



Attendees share Sergey’s tips and excitement about his great session

Sergey said that a good branching scenario doesn’t just have good and bad choices—it’s realistic. Neither may be ideal, but one can lead to other choices or consequences. By not saying that something is a bad consequence, we enable learners to go back and see if they can do something better.


Sergey Snegirev’s LUC 2016 session on branching scenarios

Sergey also shared with attendees a great case study story on how one company used branching scenarios to train employees—and why they were successful. Here are a few tips from that case study:

  • Games really work!
  • Non-linear plot in a scenario enables learners to play multiple times
  • Use realistic situations
  • Keep your scenario short and simple (under 20 minutes)

Thanks for a fantastic breakout session, Sergey!

Interested in reading more of Sergey’s great ideas? Swing by the Trivantis® Community to see some past webinars with Sergey, or check out his guest blogs for the Everything eLearning Blog on jQuery, custom fonts, and more.