LUC 2015 Recap: Creating a Better Mobile Experience


As mLearning gets more and more popular, businesses are looking to ensure that they’re not just creating mLearning…they’re creating GREAT mLearning. Colleen Liley of Alaska Air joined us at the 2015 Lectora® User Conference to share some of her tips on creating a better a mobile learning experience.

Colleen explained why she enjoys working with Lectora, saying the “best thing about Lectora is that it generates consistent code. With consistent code, we can hook into it.” It’s easy to tweak Lectora’s code and add your own custom code because Lectora generates a reliable div structure for all light box windows with consistent class names. So, you can alter the appearance of these divs with your own CSS (cascading style sheets).

Colleen showed attendees how to add “image zoom” code with Lectora HTML extension so that users on a tablet can pinch to zoom in on images in their training course. In the pilot training example below, the pilot could pinch to zoom in on the air approach diagram.


Here are two of the tips she shared about adding zoom functionality:

1. Make sure the image you insert is a little bigger than the space you’re putting it into so that when you pinch and zoom, the image doesn’t get pixelated.

2. Don’t let Lectora compress images when you export.

Colleen shared several other fantastic examples of adding HTML code to take a mobile course further with Lectora. Hopefully this one inspires you to try out your own HTML extensions!

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