Lectora User Conference Showcase: Lectora, CourseMill & the iPad

Mobile learning is in the air – literally. Each pilot for Alaska Airlines now has their very own iPad on the flight deck with access to essential training and resources, thanks to the development expertise of Cody Hargreaves and Rick Pilling. Check out how these two Alaska Airlines e-Learning developers put iPads on Alaska Airlines planes during their upcoming session at the 2012 Lectora User Conference.

Session Information
Lectora, CourseMill & the iPad
Cody Hargreaves & Rick Pilling, Alaska Airlines
This intermediate session on Wednesday, May 23 from 2:30 – 3:45 will highlight how Cody and Rick use the HTML-based component of Lectora® and CourseMill® LMS (learning management system) to provide the online training necessary for their pilots. This case study will demonstrate two types of mobile lessons that show the use of variables and graphics configured for the iPad and its touch screen technology.

Cody Hargreaves, Flight Operations Courseware Developer at Alaska Airlines, has worked in the Flight Training department since 2007. Rick Pilling, Courseware Development and Ground Training Manager at Alaska Airlines has worked in the Flight Training department since 2006. Both Cody and Rick have extensive experience developing computer-based training for the airline.

In order to decrease the amount of paper used and increase savings for Alaska Airlines, Cody and Rick found the tools they needed to create and deliver mobile learning for pilot training. Using HTML-based content in Lectora and CourseMill and configuring that training for the iPad, Cody and Rick created a successful solution to provide the necessary training for their pilots. They have been designing iPad training for more than a year for the airlines’ 1,500 pilots.

Why You Should Attend
If you and your organization have even thought about mobile learning, this session is a must-attend. You will get to hear from a team of developers who created mobile e-Learning training from course development with Lectora through implementation and delivery with their LMS and the iPad.

Don’t miss this session to see what it takes to successfully create and implement mobile learning in your organization from start to finish! To check out the full schedule of fantastic e-Learning presentations and for more information about the 2012 Lectora Conference including expert keynote speakers, exclusive networking opportunities and more, please visit: 2012 Lectora User Conference.

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