Lectora User Conference Showcase:Ellen St. Pierre

Have you ever thought about using forms, variables or avatars to boost social interaction in your e-Learning courses? Join us at Ellen St. Pierre’s session on May 23 at the Lectora User Conference to learn how you can take advantage of these familiar objects to create meaningful social interactions with your learners.

Session Information
Creative Use of Forms, Variables and Avatars for Social Interaction
Ellen St. Pierre, The Hartford

In Ellen’s session you’ll learn exciting techniques to add engaging and impactful social interactions to your Lectora course without Facebook or Twitter. Attendees will learn how to creatively use forms and variables paired with avatars to connect with learners. Additionally, you’ll learn how to transfer the data collected to a learning management system or database for use later on, and creative possibilities for using the collected data.

Ellen is an eLearning Specialist at The Hartford with five years of experience using Lectora to design and develop self-directed learning ranging from awareness-only learning to concept mastery. Additionally, Ellen is a Lectora Certified author.

As an e-Learning professional with more than 20 years of experience utilizing different authoring tools, Ellen is passionate about creating self directed learning. In addition to her role at The Hartford, Ellen is also a member of the New England Lectora User Group and also the Chicago Lectora User Group, and has served as a past judge in the Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards.

Why You Should Attend
Attendees of Ellen’s session will walk away with innovative and inspiring ideas on how to use familiar objects in new ways within Lectora. Attendees will learn the importance of meaningful social interactions and how they can be used to complement e-Learning objectives. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and brainstorm ideas to share.

The annual Lectora User Conference, held May 22 – 24, is quickly approaching. Check out the full conference schedule, and learn more about the jam-packed agenda on the Lectora User Conference website. The first 500 attendees to register will receive a complimentary Lectora User Conference Appreciation Pack, filled with more than $800 worth of e-Learning goodies – so register today. We hope you’ll join us in Chicago!