Leading Benefits of Lectora: HTML5 and Mobile

Lectora® leads the way for mobile learning capabilities as the only major e-Learning to HTML5 authoring tool on the market. That’s just one of many reasons that Global 2000 companies in 125 countries make Lectora their e-Learning software of choice.

Lectora publishes browser-friendly code that automatically runs natively in any browser. This means it doesn’t require a plug-in such as Flash Player, unlike other authoring tools. Because Lectora has always published to HTML, you know your published courses are built on years of experience. Extensive testing and continuous upgrades over the years result in better mobile and tablet support for your courses. As more and more companies move to m-Learning, demand increases for mobile-friendly courses. With Lectora, you’re already there!

How does it work?

Sure, other tools “can” export to HTML5 to play natively in a browser, but it’s a clunky and cumbersome process that frequently results in courses crashing. You could avoid that by keeping the file size of your course extremely small, i.e., eliminating all those cool graphics and great interactions you worked so hard on! But why do that when you can use Lectora? Lectora makes efficient use of your courses resources via “inheritance.” This means that a single graphic or button or any other resource can be included in your course just one time and can be shared by every page in the course. Other tools on the market can’t do that!

Watch this video to see how easy it is to publish to HTML5 in Lectora!

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