Keep it Simple: Design e-Learning Courses to Adapt to Mobile Learning

“Instructional design is putting things in a space where it is easy to learn for people and simplicity is probably the most important part of that,” said Jeff Tillett, mobile learning strategist and evangelist at Float Mobile Learning, in an interview with Learning Solutions Magazine.

As mLearning continues to grow, simplicity is a key fundamental to consider when designing your course. Mobile devices make it easy for users to access information on the go and your course needs to do the same. Instructional designers need to think outside the world of e-Learning and refocus to really understand how learners currently use mobile and design in an atmosphere that makes it easy to learn.

Here are a few simple ideas to consider as you begin to design and implement mLearning courses:

Start from Scratch: According to Tillett, it is very important to go back to the beginning of what you first learned when you started instructional design. As you begin to strategize for mLearning, take it as an opportunity to reevaluate your practices and look at new technologies for mobile devices and the new opportunities they can offer.

Simplicity is Key: As you start to evaluate your design approach to mLearning, think simple. Mobile communication has been so successful because it is simple. You cannot just take your e-Learning courses and reformat them to be compatible for mobile devices. Question your current practices and evaluate if they fit in the mobile space or need to be redesigned to fit the learners’ needs.

Design Easy Navigation: Designing an easy-to navigate mLearning course is just as important as maintaining a simple design. Users have switched to using mobile as their go-to technology because it is easy to use anytime, anywhere. Your mLearning course needs to conform to this method. As you begin to design for mobile, make sure it can be easily accessible and easy to understand no matter where you are.  Look at other mobile application navigation functionalities to get a starting point as you start creating your mobile course.

These are just a few basic ideas to consider as you begin your journey in designing for mobile. To take a look at the most recent trends in mLearning read our recent blog mLearning on the Rise in 2012.