Jane Peller: If You Build it They Will Come

In recent years university and corporate learning has changed and evolved to include more digital and online learning instead of the traditional learning norms. No one understands this better than Jane Peller who has had to adapt in her role as a social work professor at Northeastern Illinois University. As more students are taking a more nontraditional approach to higher learning she has had to create online courses that have real world applications.

She is a firm believer in the inverted classroom and it is a theory and approach that she uses with her students. Inverted classroom simply means that whatever used to be taught in the classroom is now put online – and the time spent in the classroom is used for experiences rather than just simple lectures.

The first time that Jane came to the Lectora User Conference she was introduced to a completely different Lectora than the one she knew and used regularly. There was an entirely new frontier that she didn’t even realize existed – which only made her want to learn more. But once she began looking deeper into Lectora she realized that the more she used and developed with Lectora the more she learned without even realizing it.

Before Jane became a regular Lectora user she considered herself a ‘normal person who thought normal things’ now she thinks in terms of Lectora. “How can I make this a title?” “How can I convert this to reusable content for others?”

This thought process is important for any Lectora developer especially when experiential learning is key in many fields. The more fun people are having the more they learn. If you create engaging and interactive content students will learn content while completing assignments without realizing it at the time. It is a completely different style than just simple lecture and recall.

An important take away from Jane’s session is that Lectora can do anything. Whatever you want to add in on your own can be used in Lectora because it is so accommodating and customizable. If you think it, you can do it. It is just a matter of how hard you are willing to push Lectora.