How to Create Great Quizzes for Rapid e-Learning

The quizzes in your rapid e-Learning courses don’t have to be the same old question and answer style –you can design them as a means to help and engage your learners. Use these ideas for a fresh way to approach the typical e-Learning quiz:


Mix up the style and type of quizzes you include in your courses. Snap! by Lectora and Snap! Empower offer a variety of quiz and survey options including question types and designs including:

  • True or false
  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple response
  • Fill in
  • Matching
  • Drag and drop
  • Hot spot
  • Short answer
  • Essay
  • Likert
  • Ordinal
  • Games

Progress Checks

Create progress checks throughout your course as a no-pressure way to review the key points as your learners progress through the course. Here are some ways you can use progress checks:

  • A brief review after each section
  • To break down difficult concepts
  • After processes to examine the steps
  • As a means to compare different sections, concepts, etc. and their relation to the whole course

Custom feedback

Break away from the standard “Correct” and “Incorrect” feedback messages of quizzes and provide unique feedback to each quiz question. This is a fantastic way to encourage your learners to find the right answers. Here are some ideas for quiz answer feedback:

  • Point to resources or locations in the course that may help the learner find the correct answer
  • Help learners with a quick explanation of why their particular answer is incorrect
  • Encourage your learners or praise their correct answers
  • Just for fun! Custom feedback adds a great sense of personality to online courses.

Pre-Made Quiz Templates

Don’t have a lot of time but want a well-designed, interactive quiz? Use one of the free, professional templates in Snap! Empower™. Save time and engage with customizable, pre-built templates that you can instantly import into your Snap! by Lectora® course. Here’s an example of a quickly customizable game template in Snap! Empower that you can use to assess your learners:

Add a little spice to your rapid e-Learning courses with some outside-of-the-box ideas to keep your learners on the right track. Explore all the creative options in Snap! by Lectora rapid e‑Learning software and Snap! Empower Flash interactions builder with a free 30-day trial– you’ll be glad you did!