Freebie Friday


There once was a hard-working eLearning developer, just trying to catch a break. She loved creating engaging courses for her learners, but her company’s budget was tight, and development time was short.

Where can an eLearning developer turn to for help?

Free downloads in the Trivantis® Community, of course. We’re always working to bring you new interactions, buttons, themes, and ideas on using Lectora®.

Take a look at this recent freebie: Animated Progress Bar Chart Interaction (RCD).

This animated bar chart for Lectora uses Progress Bars and the Step Progress action to animate the bars of the chart. In this interaction, you click the “year” buttons to animate the bars of the chart. It could also easily be modified to eliminate the buttons and simply have the bars animate one after another when the page shows. And it’s fully responsive for different devices!

You can find lots of free content on the Community—some submitted by the Trivantis Team and some submitted by users just like you. In fact, you can even share your own freebies. Just register and start sharing.

You know what else is free?

Our Inspiration Wednesday webinars series! These are a great way to learn more about what Lectora can do and stay current with industry trends. Join us next Wednesday for 5 eLearning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Examples Included!) with eLearning Joe. Register here.

We have a few more free downloads up our sleeves…

Have you checked out our eBooks yet? Topics include accessibility, eLearning 101, and developing with multiple tools. These eBooks are so beautifully designed and packed with good info, it’s hard to believe we’re offering them for free! Download one today, and you’ll see.