Freebie Friday: Lectora PowerPack


Blank screen paralysis? Not anymore. We’re here to save the day with a Lectora® PowerPack of graphics, cutout people, and eLearning Brothers interactions. With these resources, you’ll be creating professional-looking content in no time.

One of the great timesaving features of Lectora authoring tool is the automatic status tracking. To make status tracking even better, we designed a bunch of custom status indicators just for you.

The fun battery graphics below are just one set you’ll get when you download the Lectora PowerPack.


These heartbeat status indicators would work great in a medical course.


The PowerPack also features a ton of great new icons. I even used them in my entry for the recent Trivantis® Community Contest challenge to build a resume in Lectora.


So how do you get this awesome bundle of graphics and resources? It probably costs a million dollars for all those sweet graphics, right?

Nope. It’s free! And you can download it right now.