Free ReviewLink Tips for Online Course Review– Part 2

If you liked the recent blog Free ReviewLink Tips and Video Tutorials – Part 1, you’re in luck! Today’s blog brings you even more handy hints and video demos for speedy, streamlined review in ReviewLink™ Beta collaborative e-Learning review tool. Enjoy!

1. Allow Reviewers to See Others’ Comments: In ReviewLink, you have the option to choose whether or not your reviewers are able to see one another’s comments. Choosing this option benefits both you and your reviewers in a number of ways. When reviewers and publishers can see all comments, you create an open, social environment where everyone can interact and communicate with one another. In addition, this option also makes sure that the same comment isn’t made multiple times.

2. Archive Fixed Comments: As reviewers provide feedback, the “Comments” tab will quickly fill up with active comments. To complete the review cycle, you’ll address these comments, make the necessary changes in Lectora and mark the comments as “Fixed.” Your reviewers can then mark “Fixed” comments as “OK.” Keep your “Active Comments” space neat and organized by archiving comments that have already been marked as “OK.” This will allow you to easily see which comments still need attention, while saving your “OKed” comments in case you need to view them later.

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