How to Find the Fun in Mandatory Training


Angel Tracy and Rebekah Ostrander create eLearning for mandatory annual staff training at Gray’s Harbor Community Hospital in Washington—and they use creative ideas to make it engaging. At last year’s Lectora® User Conference, they presented their cool zombie eLearning scenario, so I knew their breakout session at LUC 2015 would be another great one.

LUC_ AngelTracyRebekahOstrander

Angel Tracy and Rebekah Ostrander presenting at the 2015 Lectora User Conference

They built a hidden object module (game) in Lectora eLearning software to teach hospital employees mandatory “Environment of Care” information. To make it engaging, Angel and Rebekah used a fun theme: the popular TV show The Amazing Race. Just like the TV show, the eLearning course had detours—one of which was the hidden objects module.   

In the hidden objects game, Angel and Rebekah had a list of items to find in the picture below. When the learners clicked on each item, the module opened a new page with information about a new mandatory training topic. Learners also had the choice to simply read all the training material instead of participating in the hidden objects game.

LUC_ AngelTracyRebekahOstrander2

The hidden objects game that they created in Lectora

Here are a few tips from Angel and Rebekah on creating engaging mandatory training with Lectora:

• Change your mindset. As an educator, you must change traditional education methods to meet the needs of mass training in a timely, cost-effective manner.

• Mix up training by choosing multiple methods where learners overcome challenges and barriers.

• Make training as fun as possible. Theme-based training is an excellent way to do this!

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