Excite and Motivate Your Learners with new X.5 Games

To fully engage learners and facilitate the retention of information, eLearning strategies and courses should consist of appropriate assessment of what information your learners retain, understand and can put into practice. Learning by doing – especially through gamesnot only assesses your learners’ knowledge, but can also simultaneously excite and motivate your audience.
According to Thomas Connolly and Mark Stansfield’s article, Using Games-Based eLearning Technologies in Overcoming Difficulties in Teaching Information Systems, motivating learners is highly important for instructional designers. In addition, learners must be motivated in order for learning to occur. What better way to motivate than with the entertaining new games in Lectora X.5?
The latest games in Lectora X.5 authoring software provide new ways to both motivate and engage your learners – and keep them engaged. These simple games are based on concepts that learners are already familiar with or can pick up quickly so they can dive right into the game. These new games will excite your learners so they can process and retain the information in your course and have fun at the same time:
Crazy Cans – In this classic carnival style game, your learners get a chance to throw balls and knock down cans with each correct answer.
Mountain Climb – Get closer and closer to the top of the mountain as learners climb higher with each correct answer.
Dunking Booth – Your learners get a chance to sink in the dunking booth when they answer questions right.
Horse Race – If learners answer questions correctly, they win the horse race by shooting water out of a cannon, making their horse go faster and faster.
Walk the Plank – Learners stop pirates from walking them off the plank into shark-infested waters below by answering questions correctly.
Slot Machine – Correct answers give your learners chances to hit the slots, getting more points for each right answer.
Provide even more interactivity by setting Actions to your games to keep track of your learners’ scores, offer feedback and see how your they are working through the course. Take a look at eLearning Lessons in Lectora: How to Customize Flash Animations and Games in Lectora to get a firsthand demonstration of how to effectively set up the Actions in your games to provide a fully interactive experience in your eLearning courses.
Check out all of the latest features in Lectora X.5 to see all of the impressive possibilities for your eLearning and training. Better yet, try the updated eLearning software free for 30 days!