Engagement Made Easy with eLearning Scenarios and Characters


Put your learner in the action! How? Add a scenario to your online training course, which allows your learners to make choices and experience a simulation of the content they’re learning. Lectora® Inspire 12.1 makes it easy to add scenarios and characters with the new eLearning Brothers integration, and Brother Sean explains how in an awesome video tutorial.

Watch the video over on the eLearning Brothers Blog: Scenarios and Characters in Lectora: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too.

In case you aren’t familiar with the eLearning Brothers Cutout People Library, it’s full of thousands of character images that are ready to drop right into Lectora. Each character has a transparent background and comes with multiple poses and emotions. You can choose from different industries—business people, industrial people, medical people, etc.—to make your course unique and engaging. (And this is just one part of the eLearning Brothers Awesomeness now included in Lectora Inspire!)

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