eLearning Lessons in Lectora: How to Customize Flash Animations and Games in Lectora

Flash is the perfect solution to make eLearning courses and training as interactive and engaging as possible. Lectora eLearning software already includes multiple Flash objects including characters, objects, games and more for you to take advantage of. While tapping into the Flash animations in Lectora is the first step to a dynamic course, it does not prescribe an automatically beneficial and exciting eLearning success for your computer-based training  – customizing your Flash content is the key. 

Tara Roe, Director of Training at Lectora, gives detailed instructions to maximizing the use of Flash in Lectora. Her thorough demonstrations walk you step-by-step and provide tips along the way to create very impressive characters, games and more in your Lectora titles.

In this well-rounded session, jam-packed with beneficial tools to add to your eLearning development, gain a wealth of information from the following lessons:

1.  Flash Objects Available in Lectora

Lectora offers a variety of Flash objects available for your Lectora projects including characters, arrows, flash cards, photo viewer, clocks and several different Flash games.

2.  How to Create Your Own Flash Animated Character from Scratch

Animated characters add an engaging personal touch to your courses and training. Easily add a character to your course, customize and synchronize with text and audio.

3.  Add Flash Commands to your Animations

Flash Commands allow more interactivity with your course and with the student. You can customize the functionality of your Flash and user experience to keep track of their score and interactions with games, for example, to know how your learners are performing and working through the content.

4.  How to Create Variables in Lectora for Conditional Actions

Variables and conditional actions are the backbone of interactivity for both you and your learners. If you want to pull out the learner’s score from a game, for example, you need to create a variable in Lectora that will contain the information you need.

Flash animations take ordinary courses and training to new, exciting levels. Put your new skills into action and give your eLearning an exciting boost!

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Molly Horn is a Content Evangelist at Lectora Corporation. She graduated from University of Cincinnati with a degree in Communication and focus in Public Relations.