e-Learning Lessons in Lectora: How to Publish Your Course to SCORM

Lectora® V11 e-Learning software publishes seamlessly to SCORM, so you can easily track and record your learners within your LMS. This e-Learning Lesson in Lectora will teach you how to publish your online training course to SCORM.

In the following video, Lectora Trainer Jamie Cummings gives a step-by-step breakdown of all the SCORM options available within Lectora that will allow you to track completion status, discover different SCORM publishing options and upload your course to your Learning Management System (LMS).

Follow these steps to publish your e-Learning course to SCORM:

  1. Within the Publish SCORM Location window, use the SCORM Options tab to specify publishing options for the SCORM system. After you set up your options once, Lectora remembers these options for future projects.
  2. Next, enter the correct LMS Information. Then, add the Course Information. The Course Creator is where you will specify the name you want the SCORM system to display as the creator of the published title. You will also specify Course ID and Course Title as they will be known within the SCORM system.
  3. Specify any additional keywords that can be used to define the content of the course. These keywords will help users find the correct content when they search for courses within the SCORM system. After that, specify the URL of the Course and the Course Description.
  4. When you open your Lectora course project, go to the Home ribbon. On the right, select “Publish to SCORM.” Everything that shows up in blue will be a warning. Anything in red is an error and must be corrected before you can publish. If no errors are found or all red items have been remedied, you may proceed to click “Publish.”
  5. After you’ve specified any additional Options, click “OK” to run through the final process. You can’t preview the course until it has been uploaded to your LMS. Click “Done,” and locate the published file, which will be placed in the initial root folder where you saved your course.

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