Why e-Learning is Global-Friendly—for Your Team and Learners

The popularity of e-Learning is more than just the latest craze in your home country. It’s a world-wide game changer, shaping the way Learning & Development departments and HR managers look at mandatory employee training.

According to eLearning Industry, the estimated 5 year annual growth rate for the Asian e-Learning market is 17.3%. Following close behind is the self-paced e-Learning growth rate in the Middle East at 8.2%. Western Europe and Africa also have high e-Learning growth rates—e-Learning gaining success all over the world!

Here’s why e-Learning is global-friendly for your team AND your learners:

Your team can be successful from anywhere in the world. 

If your organization is like many others today, your coworkers—and maybe even your development team—are scattered throughout your country or the globe. Online training lets you plan, create and manage courses for employees on a different continent, as if they were sitting in the next office.

In addition, if you’re trying to collaborate on an e-Learning course with a global development team, you might want to try cloud authoring. See how it’ll benefit your team with a free trial of the new Lectora® Online V2.0.

You can localize your content for global training.

Localization might sound like a pain to you, but there’s a way to reduce the time and money that it requires. Here’s how: If your training is going to be used in a different country, design your content so that it’s both culturally appropriate and easily translated. That way, you’ll reduce localization time and costs for a budget-friendly, global-friendly e-Learning program.

You can have the opportunity to meet developers from all over the world. 

Attend a conference, and see how global e-Learning really is. At an e-Learning conference, you’ll meet people from countries all over the world who design online training courses, just like you! Network, share tips and exchange stories from your global e-Learning friends at a conference. Not sure where to start? Check out this conference: 2015 Lectora User Conference.

In addition, e-Learning is also earth-friendly. Check out this post to see the benefits of online training for our planet: How e-Learning Benefits the Environment.

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