Did You Know Lectora is the ONLY Major HTML5 Authoring Tool?

Lectora leads the way for mobile learning capabilities as the only major e-Learning to HTML5 authoring tool on the market. Whether you plan to implement a mobile strategy on smartphones and tablets to provide job aids and performance support or want to deliver mobile access to all of your training materials, Lectora e-Learning software makes it easy. Check out these quick tips to successfully create mLearning content with Lectora:
  • Single-Click Publishing: – Easily publish to HTML, AICC, SCORM or any standards-based LMS and gain immediate access to content on mobile and tablet browsers as well traditional Mac and PC computers and laptops.
  • Make Audio and Video Accessible to All: – Use MP3 audio and MP4 video in your content and ensure universal access to your media.
  • WYSIWIG Editing: Use convenient drag-and-drop, resizing, and other features to ensure that content is user friendly regardless of relying on a mouse or just a finger tip.
  • Publish Once, Run Anywhere: Lectora content automatically optimizes media to run in either HTML 5 or legacy players in a single publish.
To learn more about your mobile learning capabilities using Lectora, check out some of these great resources to start delivering valuable training materials for your learners at any time, in any place:
1. iPad Templates
Use these free, customizable iPad templates for Lectora to quickly and easily create mLearning content for your learners. To access the templates and for tips, please visit: New Lectora Templates for Apple iPad.
2. Tips, Information and How-tos
Learn about mobile learning with Lectora from helpful blogs, articles and tutorials.
Tips and How-tos for Mobile Learning with Lectora
Learn More about Lectora, HTML5 & Mobile Learning
Live Sessions at the 2012 Lectora User Conference in Chicago
  • Lectora, CourseMill & the iPad– Learn how Alaska Airlines uses Lectora and CourseMill to put iPads and mobile learning in the hands of every pilot in the sky.
  • PepsiCo: Bringing Learning to a Mobile Workforce – Don’t miss this session to learn how PepsiCo overcame learning challenges with a successful mLearning solution using rapid e-Learning development and a mobile app for delivery.
The Lectora User Conference in Chicago May 22 – 24 is the place to be for mobile learning tips using Lectora. With e-Learning professionals from around the world, expert keynote presenters, exclusive and fun networking opportunities and more, the LUC will have all your answers for mLearning development with Lectora. For more information and to register, please visit: 2012 Lectora User Conference.
Take just a little bit of time to research the best and most effective tips for creating mobile learning. Design a detailed plan integrating your goals and how you will meet those goals to ensure a successful strategy. To learn more about the capabilities Lectora offers for mobile learning, please visit Lectora e-Learning software.


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  • Hello Trivantis

    Thank you for this post.

    I have a questions: Which HTML5 tags are support by Lectora Online? I’m searching wheter Lectora generates tags as: SECTION, ARTICLE, FOOTER, HEADER and others.

    I’m thinking create public e-Learning courses and I would improve the SEO within my courses.

    Thank you for your attention and answer.

    Kind regards.

  • Lance C. Healy

    Hi Juan Carlos,

    Trivantis Support provided the following update to your request below:

    “We do not generate those tags. Our document type is HTML5 and they can insert
    those tags through HTML Extensions. Of course, they would have to use the
    preview in browser option, as the external code would not display in the LO
    window while creating the content.”

    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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    Trivantis Corporation

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