Design Dos & Don’ts: Great Tips


The Trivantis® designers are back with more great tips for your eLearning course design. Today’s “Design Dos & Don’ts” post is full of helpful advice for getting inspired and making your course look professional.

Keep these dos and don’ts in mind as you’re designing eLearning courses:

Do: Find inspiration.

Art Director Tony Cavalier says, “Nothing is new in design, so go look at other courses in our Community and get inspired. Also, get inspired by looking at some top design blogs like” (Plus, if you haven’t already, register in the Trivantis Community so that you can share your own inspiring work!)

Do: Utilize white space.

“Keep things from getting cramped and avoid confusion by using white space effectively,” says Trivantis designer Anthony LaQuatra. White space is the negative space on your eLearning course that is intentionally left blank to make the important parts stand out. For an extreme example of what happens when you don’t use white space, take a look at the World’s Worst Website Ever.

Don’t: Re-use designs.

“Sure, things can be used again and again to keep a consistent design; however, a design should be specific to the application you are designing for,” explains Tony. “Designing something for a company like IBM will look totally different than something for Snapchat. Use brand standards to achieve a design that is on brand.”

Don’t: Use clashing colors.

Anthony suggests, “Use colors that have purpose and meaning for them. Example: reds give a sense of urgency and danger while an orange gives a less loud, more approachable call to action.” To read more about using color theory for online training, check out this post by Everything eLearning Blog writer Stephanie Ivec: Color Me Intrigued: e-Learning and the Psychology of Color.

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