Creating Award Winning Learning with Lectora


The eLearning Brothers recently earned a 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Bronze Award for Best Use of Games and Simulations. Even better—they used Lectora® to create the award-winning course! It featured a time travel theme, cool cars, and solid instructional design supporting the client’s needs.


(The color car you choose doesn’t matter for the course, but it’s fun to have an option! I chose purple, in case anyone was wondering.)

The eLearning Brothers team for this project consisted of Bruce Adams, Deb Bowden, and Adam Leibler. The course is called Ally F&I History and takes learners back in time to see the history of Ally through the decades using a time traveling car.


We asked Adam to share with us a couple insights into how the course creation went down.

Instructional design was key.

Adam said there was a clear and open communication with the client throughout the entire pre-development instructional design stage. “We went back over several iterations with the client over ‘okay, what is really important decade to decade,’ and we stayed focused on those learning objectives.”

Using the right tool.

I asked Adam why the eLearning Brothers chose to use Lectora for this project. The choice was partly client-driven. Ally had used Lectora before and knew they would be able to make edits on their own in the future if the course needed updating. The second reason? “We wanted to do things in Lectora that haven’t been done before,” said Adam. The final course is packed with interactive elements, videos, music, and knowledge checks cleverly wrapped up in games.


(Quiz #1… pretty cool looking!)

Our Community Manager, Jennifer Valley, took a look under the hood at the specific instructional design decisions that made this course so great. Check out her thoughts in this post at the Trivantis® Community.