Create Custom Online Training Certificates in Lectora

We moved recently and as we were putting things away, my daughter pulled out her treasure shoe box that holds, among other things, all the certificates she’s ever received. Truth be told, I probably still have a box like that somewhere around the house. Certificates are valued because they give people a feeling of accomplishment. You can reward your learners with certificates for each eLearning course they complete successfully by using the certificate feature in Lectora.

The certificate tool is just one of many special feature tools in Lectora. It guides you through customizing a certificate. When completed, the certificate is added as a page within your course. In just a few easy steps you can create your custom certificate:

It’s easy to create a certificate in Lectora.

Select the page in the Title Explorer after which you want to add the certificate and then click the Certificate Tool graphic from the Tools toolbar or select Certificate Tool from the Tools menu. The Certificate Style window opens.

There are 12 styles to choose from and you can customize the text.

Select a style of certificate from the list. A preview of the selected style is displayed to the right. There are 12 different styles to choose from and you can customize the fonts and sizes. Click the Font buttons to change the font settings for the certificate text.

In the next window, enter the text you want to use as the body for your certificate, appearing above the name of the certificate recipient. If you want to use a variable value for the name appearing on the certificate, select the Use variable to set student name check box and select the Variable to use from the list. This can be the AICC_Student_Name variable (if publishing to a learning management system) or any other variable used within your title containing the appropriate name for the certificate.

Edit the certificate and use variables to set the student name.

If you have not created the variable you want to use, click the New Variable button and add a new variable. For more information on creating variables, you can download the Lectora Information Center PDF.

The tool will next give you the option to include the date and print options. Once you have completed these steps the certificate is added as a page to your title.

Reward learners for a job well done by quickly creating certificates for test or course completions. If you want to try Lectora Inspire to create great eLearning courses, download the 30-day free trial of Lectora Inspire.