Compliance Training Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Did you know that mandatory compliance training doesn’t have to be boring? It’s true—you CAN create cool, engaging and even fun, compliance training. And I have proof!

Creative Video

In this Fast Company article, How to Make Corporate Training Rock, the writers share an example of a chief compliance officer’s inspired idea to create a fictional video series depicting gray areas that employees experienced in the field. The episodes deal with touchy areas such as bosses hitting on subordinates, teams misrepresenting their expertise and managers trying to pass along inappropriate expenses to the client—all filmed in the style of the popular television show The Office.

The results? Employees loved the episodes. The series did more than just entertain though; the article notes that the company’s internal conversation and culture regarding compliance also became more open and collaborative.

One of our Lectora® users—and 2014 Lectora User Conference Presenter—Andra Serzans also used video to spice up her company’s mandatory training courses. Her team developed several video training courses based on popular television shows, including CSI, The Bachelor and more. Take a look at this blog to see the results of her creative ideas: Creating a Video-Based e-Learning Course.


If you don’t want to go the live action video route, consider an illustrated scenario. Using a scenario is a great way to help your learners see the real life impacts of compliance mistakes—even when they’re just sitting at their desks! Take a look at these cool examples from the crew over at Bottom Line Performance in their post about compliance training.

The Illusion of Choice

Another way to get your learners to like your compliance training more than previous trainings is to give them the illusion of choice. An article from Learning Solutions Magazine details how CarMax used the illusion of choice to re-engage employees in an annual mandatory training.

CarMax employees were allowed to take the four required modules in any order they chose, and they could stop and start again without penalty. Both these features were different from previous versions of the mandatory training, and the learners gave extremely positive feedback. 

See, compliance training doesn’t have to generate groans and #WorstDayEver hashtags from your learners! Hopefully these examples inspired you to take another look at your mandatory training design. Lectora® Inspire is great for adding videos, branching scenarios and other interactions to your e-Learning. You can even get started today with a free trial.

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