Checklist for Choosing an Online LMS

Choosing an online LMS might seem overwhelming at first, so we compiled some of the top features to look for in a hosted, online learning management system! Use this list as your guide, and you’ll easily find the right LMS for you.

  • Easy setup
    One of the benefits of an online LMS is that you don’t have to host your own files or continuously back up those files. Those things are all taken care of for you. So why shouldn’t setting up your LMS be just as easy? Choose a learning management system, like Lectora® Express – the Easy LMS that offers hassle-free setup. With Lectora Express, you can get your LMS up and running in minutes—not hours or days like other learning management systems.
  • SCORM-compliant
    To make sure your organization is using the best practices available, use an LMS that is compliant with the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM). SCORM is a set of technical standards, guidelines and specifications that call for durable, interoperable, accessible and reusable content and systems. SCORM is widely followed across many industries and is the best way to track graded content.
  • Ability to share informal and formal learning
    In addition to graded SCORM content, you should consider whether an LMS can easily share informal learning. Employees learn a lot from talking to each other and sharing resources with each other, so your LMS needs to be able to facilitate sharing informal learning content. Also look for the ability to see feedback, ratings and comments about your content, in addition to number of views. Seeing these together provides context, so you can gather the whole story about your content. The online LMS, Lectora Express, lets you do all this, plus share content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so the public can access your content too.
  • Affordable
    These days, budget is a big factor. So why pay for features you don’t need? Before you purchase an online LMS, research all start-up, maintenance and support pricing details, and find out if there’s a free trial available. The free trial will provide your organization a hands-on look into product features to determine their values and ultimately aid in making a final purchasing decision. Choose an LMS that offers flexibility, like monthly payment plans, and doesn’t try to sell you on features your organization doesn’t need.

You can download a 30-day free trial of Lectora Express and see for yourself how this online LMS makes it easy to manage, deliver and track your informal and formal learning content!

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