Beyond Course Development: Utilizing Lectora as a Performance Support Tool


Beyond Course Development: Utilizing Lectora as a Performance Support Tool


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Take your e-Learning course beyond course development and utilize Lectora® e-Learning software to create performance support tools to provide extensive real word training to your employees.

Performance support tools provide just-in-time guidance and support to your employees right when they need assistance. Whether they are looking for guided instructions or need to reference specific information, using Lectora to create this tool can help your employees perform tasks more efficiently.
At the 2012 Lectora User Conference, Linda Backo, Senior e-Learning Developer at PPL Electric Utilities, explained how Lectora not only can be used to create interactive courses but also can be used as a performance support tool to enable your employees to excel in their roles.


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This photo was taken at the 2012 Lectora User Conference

Backo shared useful information and examples that can help developers use Lectora to provide support tools to their organization’s employees.  Here are just a few tips that can help you create an easy-to-use performance tool.
  1. First define performance support in your organization. Determine how performance support complements training and how it can best work for you.
  1. Use as a resource for your employees. Your course can provide step-by-step instructions, recent changes in your organization or can be used as an internal communication tool.
  1. Simplicity is key. Take critical thinking steps out of the process and guide the employee through the course by removing the decision. Do not make it too difficult that the user does not know how to use the interface.
  1. Keep the questions you ask easy to navigate and answer. Use drop down boxes and break up your course by categories. For example, break up each product or whatever your organization uses to categorize.
  1. Consider your design. Performance tools are not tracked through a Learning Management System (LMS) and these tools are not training. Keep your design consistent with your content and simple.
  1. You can use Lectora as a performance support tool in multiple scenarios. For example, The University of Chicago Medical Center is considering using this method for nurse’s bedside learning practices.
  1. To use this course online and on a mobile device, make sure you omit flash from your presentation so it can be utilized on all devices.
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