The Best of e-Learning in September

Fall is here and with it our September must-reads from some of our favorite e-Learning blogs and sites—The Best of e-Learning in September. It’s time to grab a pumpkin spice latte for yourself (and maybe a coworker to avoid any seasonal beverage envy in the office), and check out these 10 articles: 

  1. Using jQuery and Lectora to Customize Your e-Learning Courses: Part 1

    In Part 1 of this 4-part series, guest author Sergey Snegirev from BranchTrack explains how to use jQuery to customize your Lectora® courses.

  2. 8 Ways To Choose A Color Palette For eLearning

    The eLearning Coach shares ideas for choosing strategic colors for your e-Learning course. 

  3. How to Automate Your User Score Text in Lectora

    Learn a cool tip for showing your user’s score at the end of an assessment in Lectora.

  4. How to Apply the 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development

    Find out how to use the 70:20:10 framework as a strategy for your organization’s online training programs.

  5. The Power of Lectora in the Cloud 

    New Lectora® Online V2.0 puts the power of Lectora in the cloud. Get all the details in this blog post. 

  6. Nuts and Bolts: Needs Assessment Basics

    Jane Bozarth discusses needs assessment in this informative Learning Solutions Magazine article.

  7. 10 Tips to Earn Money as an eLearning Professional

    Guest author Christopher Pappas of eLearning Industry shares how to increase profits as an e-Learning professional. 

  8. Is Responsive Design Right for Your e-Learning Course?

    See what the best context is for responsive design and when a desktop course would be a better format.

  9. 3 ways to save gobs of time when designing training

    Cathy Moore reveals surprising ways to save time when designing e-Learning.

  10. Exploring the Concept of “Self-Explanation Questions”

    Karl Kapp explains how to use the “self-explanation” technique to help ensure deeper understanding of content by learners.

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