The Best of e-Learning in January 2015


Happy 2015… Let’s celebrate with our favorite 10 articles from January of this new year. This month, the topics range from mobile learning and tips for the upcoming year to Lectora how-to tutorials and even a free game template.

  1. What Happens in a Story… Happens in Your Brain

    Karl Kapp discusses a research study and why the results of that study support storytelling as an L&D technique. 

  2. Building Finger-friendly Buttons for m-Learning

    Laura Silver explains how to create m-Learning buttons in Lectora® that are easy to tap with the pad of your fingertip.

  3. Free Lectora Game Template

    The eLearning Brothers are sharing this awesome free Trivia Game Template for Lectora courses.

  4. Reusing Content with Library Objects in Lectora and Lectora Online

    Daryl Fleary shares a step-by-step tutorial on how to save time by reusing library objects in Lectora and Lectora® Online.

  5. Four Actions That Will Enhance Your Learning and Performance Ecosystem in 2015

    Bill Brandon of Learning Solutions Magazine writes about developing and improving your organization’s learning and performance ecosystem.

  6. Mobile Learning Lockdown: Is Your Data Secure?

    Find out the threats to mobile security and how you can keep corporate data secure when sending training to employees’ personal mobile devices.

  7. 10 Easy Ways to Learn Online in 2015

    The e-Learning Coach shares a list of interesting ways and websites for you to learn something new in 2015.

  8. The Many Sides of e-Learning

    Read about just a few of the many ways that e-Learning is used today, including MOOCs, compliance training, gamification and more.

  9. The Modern Virtual Classroom Is Global, Mobile, and Social

    This article discusses how organizations are making the modern virtual classroom global, mobile and social to create high-quality training.

  10. How to be a learning mythbuster

    Cathy Moore explains how to stand up to clients and “expose myths to the sun” when they affect your ability to design training.

Stay tuned for lots more e-Learning knowledge to come in 2015—including at the 2015 Lectora User Conference April 29 – 30 in Nashville, Tennessee. If you haven’t registered for the LUC 2015 yet, make sure you do because it’s going to be a blast.

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