Adding Web Windows in Lectora


Have you ever thought about how to add additional information to your Lectora® titles, but you’re not sure how? You can easily display information to your student with Web Windows. Web Windows allow users to view external or live web resources within a title. Select from the following web sources:

  • Local web-based content
  • Web Address
  • Page in Title
  • Google Maps Location
  • Wikipedia Entry
  • Google Document

1. To add a web window, select the Insert ribbon and select the Web Window icon.


2. The Web Window option provides you with a variety of options which will allow you to add LIVE web resources within a title.

Select the window source from the drop-down in which you want to include within your Lectora title.


3. Once you have selected a window source, you can embed the URL or location of where the content resides. As an example, let’s say you want to embed a Google Maps Location to show your student where your company offices are located. 

Within the URL you would place the address:

311 Elm Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

**You’re able to preview your content within this window before placing it within your Lectora work space.


4. Once you’ve embedded a web window, Lectora will provide you with a placeholder in which you can resize and style to your liking. Use the Style ribbon to add a border, border color, margin size and scroll bars.


5. The last step would be to test the functionality of the Web Window in either Run or Preview mode:

Web Windows provide you with a ton of flexibility and functionality to include within your titles.  Get creative and let us know how you use Web Windows in your Lectora titles!

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