Accessible LMS = Happy Learners = Happy Boss = Successful Company

What are the top things you look for in a learning management system? Probably how easily you can learn to use the interface, whether or not the system complies with SCORM or maybe you’re all about the reporting features. Those are all good things to consider, and you can find a few more in our whitepaper Factors to Consider When Choosing an LMS

But, there’s one very important feature that is often overlooked when selecting an LMS: accessibility.

Not only should your LMS’s interface be easy for you to navigate, it should be easy for your users to access and get to their courses—even users with disabilities.

A study released by the American Foundation for the Blind indicated that most learning management systems are full of features which cause significant problems for those using assistive technology such as screen reading or screen magnification software. Nearly one third of respondents who used assistive technology to access online educational tools reported the experience as unreliable/inconsistent or offering no successful use/access.

A good LMS will conform to the accessibility guidelines set out in Section 508 and WCAG 2.0. There aren’t very many out there that do. But the new CourseMill® LMS V7 does. With CourseMill LMS, all your learners, even those with disabilities, can access your online training content. And that means you can deliver a successful training program to all your employees, making your boss happy and your company productive and successful. It’s pretty much a win-win-win!

Take a look at this quick preview of CourseMill LMS or contact us to find out more!

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