The Best of e-Learning in July

Get out your sunglasses—we’ve found some dazzling e-Learning articles for July! You’re about to learn about action mapping, reflective practice, 3D virtual learning worlds, the new CourseMill® LMS V7 and more.

Check out the top 10 reads this July:

  1. Action Mapping With a Twist: A Tool for Budgeting E-Learning Development
    Tanya Seidel at Artisan eLearning explains how you can use action mapping to predict how much time and money your e-Learning project will take.
  2. Coming Soon: CourseMill LMS Version 7 with Advanced Learning Analytics
    CourseMill LMS just got smarter. Read the blog post to get the news!
  3. Is Your LMS King of the e-Learning Jungle?
    Find out if your LMS would end up the predator or the prey in the e-Learning jungle.
  4. Nuts and Bolts: Reflective Practice
    Jane Bozarth discusses reflective practice and how this helps learning, along with tips for reflecting in Learning Solutions Magazine.
  5. Thursday’s Trending e-Learning Topic: Good Design
    Give your e-Learning course extra style with this collection of design tips and resources.
  6. A Quick Look at Two 3D Learning Worlds
    Gamification expert Karl Kapp shares two videos with 3D virtual learning worlds.
  7. Marc My Words: Selling Performance Support
    Marc Rosenberg shares strategies for selling a performance-support project in Learning Solutions Magazine.
  8. Top 9 Online Corporate Training Mistakes You Should Avoid
    eLearning Industry’s Christopher Pappas shares 9 online training mistakes and how to avoid them.
  9. Benign role-playing
    Clark Quinn shares his thoughts on the benefits that role-playing adds to the learning experience.
  10. Snagit Update: Dropbox, OneNote sharing, Object Rotation and More
    Learn all about the latest Snagit® update, including the new sharing destinations.

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