Take Flight with Twitter Resources for e-Learning

Twitter—it’s not just for the birds! Pause while everyone cringes at my terrible pun. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about how Twitter can benefit you as an e-Learning developer.

  1. Twitter Chats
    These moderated conversations have a hashtag—that word or phrase attached to a pound sign—and are focused on a particular subject. These usually happen once a week and are great ways to connect with peers and discover new trends in learning and development. The moderator will tweet a question out, and anyone can answer or reply to someone else’s answer. A couple great learning ones are #chat2lrn and #lrnchat.
  2. Conference Resources
    Most conferences have a hashtag, like #LUC2014, #mLearnCon or #ASTD2014 that you can search to see all conference-related posts. If you can’t attend a conference, this is a fantastic way to still find out what people are talking about during sessions. While it doesn’t replace the true conference experience, you can gain some great insight and tips from following a conference hashtag. Warning: Following the Lectora® User Conference hashtag each year WILL make you extremely sad you didn’t go. You’ll probably feel compelled to attend the next one. It’s okay to give in to that feeling.
  3. Connect with Peers
    All the cool kids are on Twitter these days. And I’m not just talking about myself and my favorite other Lectora writer, Christie Wroten. There are way too many e-Learning experts on Twitter for me to list here, so I’ll just highlight a few. Feel free to suggest others in the comments, and please don’t be offended if I didn’t list your favorite—or you!

These are just a few accounts I like to follow for good resources and insight. There’s so much to learn from Twitter! Got any more good Twitter tips? Share them in the comments!

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