I Spy… Learning Gaps

What exactly are your learners getting from that online training course they’re required to take? Are they truly engaged in the coursework, or are they actually planning what Jimmy John’s sandwich they’re ordering for lunch? The effectiveness of your training program directly influences the success of your organization, so you want to make sure your employees are learning everything they need to know.

This is where learning analytics come into play. Learning analytics are the collection and analysis of data generated by learners taking an online training course. This data includes your learners’ scores, how quickly they are completing modules, how many times have they have logged in, whether they have participated in a discussion board, etc.

By analyzing this data, you can determine gaps in learning and make better operational decisions about your training programs.

In a 2012 report on educational data mining and learning analytics, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology identified several questions that data can help educators answer. Here are a few of them:

  • What sequence of topics is most effective for a specific learner? When are learners ready to move to the next topic?
  • What learner actions are associated with more learning? What actions indicate satisfaction, engagement, learning progress, etc.?
  • What features of an online learning environment lead to better learning?

Of course, to make the most of the data your learning management system is recording, you’re going to want the most cutting edge learning analytics software you can get your hands on. Lucky for you, I know where you can get that. In exchange for the information though, you’re going to have to pay. I accept cash, brownies, Starbucks gift cards and adorable puppies.

Just kidding. I will tell you for free. The upcoming CourseMill® LMS V7 includes advanced learning analytics! This means, you can drag and drop to create amazing graphs and reports, all right within your favorite learning management system!


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