Creating Serious Learning Games with Lectora—A Case Study

According to a survey by, 72 percent of companies stated that e-Learning helps keep them up-to-date in their industry and remain competitive in their niche. Cool fact, right? But sometimes, don’t you want to know more than just a number? Don’t you want to know more about the e-Learning that those companies are using to succeed? We love seeing creative examples of what our users are developing with Lectora® and how they’re using it to improve training and increase ROI. That’s why we occasionally reach out to our users for a case study, like this one we did with Health Education Yorkshire and Humber.

Here’s a little snippet of what those clever folks created with Lectora:

“We used Lectora to create a serious game that engaged learners. Lectora really lends itself to this type of interactive e-Learning development,” said Richard Price, Learning Technology Programme Manager for Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber. The course features a clickable map that allowed learners to navigate around and direct their own learning. Lectora enabled them to create a very non-linear way of learning, as opposed to a page-by-page or PowerPoint style of learning.

The program was presented in Brussels at the European Union headquarters, and its success led to more projects for the Health Education team. “Using Lectora to create a serious game for learning has raised the profile of our organization locally,” Price stated.

The game created a great deal of buzz from learners as well as professional peers. “Feedback from learners has been very positive because the serious game is more engaging and social,” said Price. “We integrated blogs and used Moodle to create a discussion forum for learners. The program really wowed people.” Using Lectora, Health Education created a highly effective and engaging learning program.

Awesome, right?

You can view more case studies here. Have a recent project from your organization that you think would be good for a case study? Hit us up at—we’d love to hear about it!

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