5 Ways to Motivate Your e-Learners

Motivation leads to significant accomplishments. Motivation causes runners to finish marathons, writers to finish novels and artists to finish paintings.

Learners will also finish your e-Learning course if they’re motivated—and they’ll finish it successfully. So let’s take a look at these 5 ways to motivate your e-Learners!

  1. Set clear and obtainable goals.
    Clearly define course objectives—right from the beginning. This gives your learners a reason why they’re taking your course and motivation to complete it. Don’t set over-ambitious goals, though, or your learners may become frustrated trying to work toward an unattainable goal they’ll never be able to achieve. Clear and realistic goals are the most effective for motivation.
  2. Present organized content.
    Don’t overload your learners. If you do, they’ll become overwhelmed and frustrated, and they won’t want to finish your course. Break up your information into manageable pieces, so your learners can work though the course at a comfortable pace. When learners can work though your e-Learning course in an organized and efficient way, they will be motivated to finish it successfully.
  3. Reward accomplishments.
    People like to hear that they’re doing a good job! Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to motivate your learners. Be strategic with the rewards you include. Placement of rewards is key—try rewarding learners after a challenging quiz or a more in-depth portion of your course. You could also include a badge or certificate upon completion, confirming a job well done. By rewarding your learners for their success, you’ll motivate them to keep moving through your course with the same dedication.
  4. Provide encouraging feedback.
    Along with rewarding accomplishments, providing helpful feedback is an important way to motivate your learners. Take the time to incorporate discussion boards that you can use to validate your learners’ work and to give feedback that will relate to their specific jobs. Sharing relevant feedback will motivate your learners by giving them more purpose and direction to successfully complete your e-Learning course.
  5. Look beyond your e-Learning course.
    The whole point of online training is to improve job performance after your learners complete your course. So how do you ensure that happens? Provide helpful information your learners can take with them, and present that information in a way that directly relates to their role in your organization. Make all information in your course meaningful. It will go a long way to motivate your learners during and beyond your e-Learning course.

Keep these 5 tips in mind when you’re designing your next e-Learning course, and you’ll have the most motivated learners around! And motivated learners turn into motivated employees.

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