5 Ways to Grab Your Learners’ Attention

Driving engagement is one of the most exciting challenges in designing an e-Learning course. Keeping your learner engaged requires creativity, especially for self-paced e-Learning.

Use these 5 tips to grab your learners’ attention using Lectora® e-Learning software:

  1. Build interactive content. Actions are a great way to create interactive content. Lectora Actions include show and hide functionality, mouse overs, object visibility toggling and more. These functions can be combined in hundreds of different ways. When it comes to using Actions in Lectora, the only limit is what you can dream up! Check out this short video tutorial about using Actions in Lectora.In addition, the conditional branching options allow you to create branched learning scenarios, where learners are served different questions depending on their performance.
  2. Gamify your e-Learning. People have a natural need for competition, rewards, recognition and advancement, which makes e-Learning a great platform to incorporate gaming elements and capitalize on those needs. Consider creating your own version of a popular quiz show or board game with your company’s content. You can also create word puzzles like crosswords or Hangman, mathematical simulations and more.Check out this e-Learning webinar for more information on creating e-Learning games in Lectora.
  3. Create custom templates. Lectora provides hundreds of professionally-designed, customizable templates and themes—even templates for iPads. These templates are a great way to create stunning e-Learning content when you are in a time crunch. But Lectora also makes it very simple for you to create your own template. Custom templates are a great way to add some flavor and personality to your e-Learning course or presentation to grab your learner’s attention.
  4. Deliver content as a story. People love to share stories with each other, and they remember stories better than plain facts. Find the thread that ties your content together, and turn it into a story. Your learners will process the connected information better, which will increase their engagement. A fun way to present a story is with characters.

    In the book 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about People, behavioral scientist Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D., details research showing that we pay more attention to on-screen pictures of people when they are looking right into our eyes. Choose a photo that’s looking out at the learner for maximum engagement. The Lectora media gallery provides more than 300 professional, high resolution and transparent photographs, including 33 models from a variety of backgrounds and professions to fit any e-Learning scenario.
  5. Personalize courses. Try to personalize courses whenever possible. Use Variables to add a form or entry box at the beginning of the course where learners enter their names. Later in the course, you can use their names to provide motivational support and engagement when their attention spans are waning.

Follow these simple suggestions, and you’ll see your learner engagement increase rapidly! For more e-Learning knowledge and tips, subscribe to the Lectora e-Learning Blog or visit Lectora University.