5 Tips to Save e-Learning Development Time

We all love an opportunity to save time—and e-Learning developers are certainly included! When you have quickly approaching deadlines, it’s helpful to know where you can save a few minutes, especially since those minutes add up.

Consider these 5 tips your guide to saving time during the entire e-Learning development process:

  • Make the most of templates.
    Templates are excellent time-savers because you can create one and reuse it again and again, especially if you create a standard template for your team to use to create multiple online training courses. To learn more about using templates in Lectora®, check out this blog: e-Learning Lesson in Lectora: Using Themes and Templates.
  • Incorporate more informal learning in your program.
    Informal learning puts employees in charge of their learning, which can be a huge time-saver, along with all the other benefits! It makes resources available to employees 24/7 and speeds the flow of information in your organization. Employees can get immediate access to training materials, which is an efficient way to approach training. Sharing informal content is easy with a learning management system like Lectora® Express – The Easy LMS.
  • Collaborate in the cloud.
    Communicating with your development team in the cloud saves time and allows SMEs and other team members to provide feedback before you’re at a point where large changes would be a huge time setback. With collaboration in the cloud, team members can be anywhere in the world and in any time zone! In addition, be sure to read our 5 tips to get started improving collaboration in the cloud!
  • Storyboard it first.
    Storyboarding is a great way to plan out all the steps of your course before you even begin developing. By outlining the visuals, text, audio, interactions, navigation and other course elements, you’re setting the expectations for your course right from the beginning. This allows team members to make changes and provide feedback early when there’s still time to change directions. To learn more about storyboarding benefits and tips, check out our Storyboarding Whitepaper or this blog post: Storyboarding Online Training Courses with Your Team.
  • Remove distractions from your courses.
    Focus on the most valuable aspects of your e-Learning courses and don’t waste time on the less important parts. This is also a good way to tell if you’re including unnecessary or extra, unrelated material that’s off-topic. For example, don’t include a mini-game unless it directly helps employees learn the content or practice application of the material they’ve learned in your course.

Keep these ideas in mind when you’re developing your next e-Learning course, and see how much time you save!

For more ways to save time with Lectora e-Learning software, check out this blog:Timesaving Tips for Lectora V11 from Diane Elkins.

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