3rd Party Integrations with Lectora

I often say that Lectora® e-Learning software is open, but sometimes even I don’t realize just how open it is. I run BranchTrack, a startup company that lets instructional designers create interactive customer simulations and embed them into e-Learning courses. One of our key values is “be simple and intuitive,” and we invest a lot of effort in keeping the learning curve of our tool really low.

Embedding BranchTrack into Lectora is fairly simple if you are familiar with External HTML Objects. But it still requires at least 5 steps:

  • Download and unzip the simulation
  • Create an external HTML object
  • Set it to correct size
  • Attach all BranchTrack files to the title
  • Copy and paste the iframe code

We wanted to do better than that, and with some help from Trivantis we achieved what no other authoring tool in the world can do. BranchTrack now outputs Lectora Library Objects that can be dragged and dropped onto Lectora pages.

We always believed that embedding content into courses shouldn’t be a drag. It should be a drag and drop! My only wish is that Lectora makes the AWO format documentation publicly available, so more 3rd party developers can take advantage of that.